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    文章来源:王东东 时间:2020-02-27

      2019 20 major scientific problems and engineering problems Published 30, in the twenty-first annual meeting of the China Association for the closing ceremony, vice chairman of China Association for Science, Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Shou 2020 20 has a guiding role in the development of science, technology and industry have a key to innovation is released the role of frontier science problems and engineering problems.20 problem as follows: dark matter is a kind of elementary particle can detect it?Exploration of the interaction between the laser fusion new route, the catalytic reaction mechanism monoatomic catalyst, high energy density electrochemical battery materials, the root cause of emotional consciousness, organelle, a plurality of sets of single cell techniques, ecological Wastes safe use of technology integration, all intelligent plant factory key technical problems, small near-earth celestial investigation, defense and development issues, and its physical mechanism earthquake prediction methods, new ways of original drug target discovery and new approach to evaluate the clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine innovative methods and techniques, artificial intelligence system generates mechanism, hydrogen fuel cell power systems, renewable synthetic fuels, green supersonic civil aircraft design, reuse space transportation system design and evaluation techniques, Kilometer art deep shaft TBM , marine gas hydrates and oil and gas exploration and development mechanism of integration and key engineering.It is understood that in 2020 published collection activities of 81 National Society to participate in the Commonwealth Institute, there are 736 scientists involved in writing, experts and scholars to participate in the recommended 1527, 7079 front-line research scientists to participate in online primaries, 124 subject leading experts check online voting, 52 experts check the site council, 27 academicians and experts to participate in the final."China Association for Science major scientific problems and engineering problems of publishing, both closely related to peoples livelihood and the moment, there are of strategic importance for the future."Chinese Academy of Sciences, honorary chairman of China Association for Science, said Han Qide."Solving these scientific issues and technical difficulties, not only change our human life, and the future development and progress of human society will play a supporting and guiding role."Chinese Academy of Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology Professor Du Shan-yi expressed.

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