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    文章来源:王东东 时间:2020-02-27

      Guangzhou central city residential corridor will be fully removed trash Guangzhou City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau and informed that on the 11th, from July onwards, Guangzhou started a whole to promote urban and rural compulsory garbage classification.Among them, seven before the end of next year in Guangzhou city center district will gradually withdraw from the corridor trash.According to the work plan, complete with separate collection container to Guangzhou.With 2 months, the city must be configured for each cell a set of "four classification" at every collection vessel 200, and the release point indicated.Among them, 600 community model to local conditions, as much as possible to configure a smart collection container.Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan District, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu District, Panyu District, such as the central area of the cell corridor withdraw gradually advancing barrel, to achieve timing designated garbage Sorting mode, before the end of December 2020 to withdraw all the barrels.Other embodiments designated time zone and timings designated garbage Sorting Mode.In the specification collection transportation, Guangzhou will update the old garbage transport vehicles, increased transportation frequency.Before July 17, the district must be made public transport vehicles classified collection, transportation routes and complaint hotlines, accept social supervision, to address issues such as mixed mixed transport collection.In terms of build recycling platform, Guangzhou will configure a recyclables collection points according to every 3000, every town street construction more than a sorting recyclables transfer station, each district building a large waste recycling center.Encourage the introduction of renewable resource recycling companies set up a smart recovery facilities in public institutions, communities, businesses and other places.In mobilizing community participation, strengthen school education garbage classification, carried out at least once a "big hand little hand" theme of practical activities on a quarterly basis, to promote waste separation extended from campus to family, community.It is reported that Guangzhou will work into the garbage government performance evaluation content, and strengthen supervision and inspection work carried out to promote garbage classification.

    Guangzhou central city residential corridor will be fully removed trash