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    文章来源:王东东 时间:2020-02-28

      Guangxi "Hundred Days tackling" real estate registration action to achieve tangible results "gone through the day." Guangxi "Hundred Days tackling" action to achieve tangible results - real estate registration "gone through the day" WASHINGTON reporters Tong Zheng, Huang Shangning Correspondent reports: Recently, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Natural Resources revealed to the media, with the real estate registration "Hundred Days tackling" action ended, Guangxi new housing transfer of registration, already has a "property right certificates," the sale of real estate transfer of registration, registration of the real economy, corporate real estate, mortgage and other real estate registration first registration of the main business efficiency and service levels increased dramatically, all the regions cities, County to achieve the "one working day gone through."."Real estate registration is a people most look forward to, most companies care about, most concerned about social development most in need of administrative examination and approval service, we enhance the level of service as a registered optimize the business environment and important test carry out the theme of education, to promote" Hundred Days tackling "made effective action."Secretary of the Guangxi Natural Resources Department of Natural Resources indeed the right registration office Chenxiu Gui told reporters, from the beginning of the end of February this year, registration for the most difficult, the largest business volume of new housing transfer of registration, there are" real property right certificates "sale of real estate to register, the entity economic enterprises of real estate registration, mortgage registration and other services for the first time, the Guangxi Natural resources system focus of the World Bank Doing business evaluation criteria, launched a 100-day real estate registration "Hundred days tackling" action, and focus understaffed, less office space, office conditions are poor, the data base is weak, the information is not high degree outstanding problems, real estate registration accelerated "discharge pipe service" landing.Guangxi natural resources around the system "up to run a" target, to achieve "a comprehensive window recipient, a set of application materials and information in real-time push, in parallel to handle the background, a tax payment, comprehensive licensing window".As of the end of June, all cities and counties in the region to achieve a "a window to receive, in parallel to handle" real estate registration link handle compressed to less than 3, the material is compressed to a recipient within four to achieve a "door-only" "only run a leg "and trade, tax, registration on the issue do.Implementation of the "Internet + real estate registration" and create "apply online" service platform, is a major feature of Guangxi real estate registration reform, significantly increasing the efficiency of registration is also a key ring.Guangxi Department of Natural Resources has developed the regions real estate registration and information management system "up to run an" online service platform, autonomous regions, municipal, and county real estate registration data access in real time, and with the courts, civil affairs, public security, taxation, discipline, market regulatory authorities share exchange, to achieve a trans-regional, inter-departmental, cross-level information sharing, the province most types of real estate registration domain "online handle".Nanning City has also laid a "24 hours is not closing" self-service points in the country pioneered electronic estate license in the country and be promoted. Tongzhengtongzheng

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