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    文章来源:王东东 时间:2020-02-29

      In 2019 the total land supply plan Beijing over 3700 hectares The total land supply plan for the Beijing 2020 year 3760 ha, 540 ha reduction compared with 2020.Among them, reducing the 400 hectares of land transport scale up the supply of residential land supply plan was essentially flat.Reporters from 26 release of "Beijing 2020 annual state-owned construction land supply plan" learned the news.According to the Beijing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Committee, responsible person, for the implementation of the overall planning of Beijing city, the development of the implementation of the reduction, the official determine the total amount of construction land supply plan year 2020 is 3760 ha, 540 ha decrease compared to 2020, where appropriate to reduce land for transportation of municipal infrastructure and land size, reducing 400 hectares more than in 2020.According to the plan, in recent years, Beijing continued to protect the transport demand for land transportation, completed a major transportation projects land supply for Beijing Daxing International Airport.By 2020, the supply of land transportation mainly to improve the planning and realization of secondary roads and slip rate, promote key functional areas and major infrastructure and rail stations surrounding the construction of the surrounding road network, transport facilities and to guide the coordinated development of urban functions, organic integration will further play a supportive role in the healthy development of urban infrastructure of.2020 annual supply of residential land Metro will focus on arrangements for the supply of residential land size of more than 50%, the selected block as far as possible along the track and various parks surrounding the city, to meet the travel convenience to achieve a balance post live.Plan shows 2020 annual arrangements owned 950 hectares of residential land.Among them, commercial residential land 600 hectares, affordable housing projects and land 350 hectares; to continue to organize collective rental housing, 200 hectares of land.Commodity supply of residential land to set a lower limit of 300 hectares, the remaining 300 hectares promote co-ordination with the market situation.At the same time, Beijing is increasing its R & D scale land supply, 2020 scheduled annual R & D 220 hectares of land, an increase of 100 hectares more than in 2020; industrial warehouse space 120 hectares, a slight increase compared with 2020; supplement the lack of facilities in key areas short board, reasonable determine the spatial distribution and supply-scale commercial use of.

    In 2019 the total land supply plan Beijing over 3700 hectares