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    文章来源:王东东 时间:2020-02-29

      "Laser acupuncture": Scientists detect air pollution have a "new weapons" Black night, the shining a laser beam as a lily of the sky-line."This is our atmospheric probes may be monitored in real time from the ground to the haze distribution within 10 km altitude range and analyze the components."Chinese Academy of Environmental Optics Research Center of Optics and Precision Machinery Research Institute expert Zhang Tianshu said it was Chinese scientists to detect air pollution in the new weapons - lidar.A root "laser acupuncture" emitted from the plains, the mountains, the sea to the sky, you can return the car, ship-borne form of movement, these "laser acupuncture" to form a three-dimensional network of large, changed the traditional detection methods to achieve no blind spot near the ground on a vertical perspective detect air pollution, air pollution and to draw three-dimensional "road map" of a contaminant propagation."Laser beam emitted from the laser radar as the root of a probe, near the surface can be directly obtained PM2.5 and other observations of atmospheric pollutants, especially after observing network, each of probe the obtained data into the atmosphere may also be physical, weather model analysis to dynamic, real-time view of haze temporal and spatial distribution, and the total amount of the key information transmission channel, etc., to establish a three-dimensional simulation of contaminants field."Said Zhang Tianshu.This new laser radar currently in Beijing and Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Sichuan, Chongqing and other densely populated areas and accelerate the popularization and application of network observations, the total number of units nationwide equipped with about 500 units, of which about 200 in Beijing, Tianjin region, We have achieved full coverage observation.For heavy air pollution "happen - evolution - to dissipate the" core scientific issues of the whole process, the laser radar to air pollution scientists have established a transmission channel stereo observation network.In addition, "laser acupuncture" fixed position, and the vehicle fitted with heavy pollution and heavy pollution period Underway process, airborne remote sensing and satellite ground sensing observations observations.Important environmental parameters, "the next few years, resulting in ground-level ozone and smog control the main secondary pollutants will become the new focus, a breakthrough collaborative governance haze, which is currently widespread international concern.Laser radar will contribute more to the real-time three-dimensional ground-level ozone monitoring, to provide technical support for cooperative governance haze."Said Zhang Tianshu.It is understood that the future will continue to increase laser radar stocking densities in Sichuan and Chongqing region, Fenwei plains, to achieve full coverage observation.At the same time, detection technology will continue to develop the car, airborne, spaceborne and other multi-platform, shared environmental, meteorological, scientific data, scientists around the world can collaborate together to study the Earths air pollution control.