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    文章来源:王东东 时间:2020-03-02

      Mitsubishi Electric Corporation were cyber attacks or information leakage caused more than 8,000 people According to Japans Kyodo News reported that Japans Mitsubishi Electric Corp. announced that on the 20th, suffered due to large-scale cyber attacks, could lead to the companys employees, retirees, and other candidates a total of up to 8122 peoples personal information, as well as government agencies and private clients business-related contact information and content leakage of secret information.According to reports, analysts said the disclosure of personal information to information as name, address, etc. mainly.Allegedly, the companys defense, electric power and other "important information related to the social infrastructure is not compromised, also found no losses.".Personal information may have been compromised candidates, including in October 2017 to April 2020 graduates into the company, as well as candidates from 2011 to 2016 a total of 2087 people hired midway.It reported that, with regard to employees, personnel treatment system survey results of 2012 in the implementation of the 4566 peoples head office leaked.It is reported that the retirees, from 2007 to 2020 to receive redundancy payments of 1569 people suspected of leaking information.Possible leak of confidential in addition to contact the contents of government agencies and the Ministry of Defense, Atomic Energy Regulation Board, Natural Resources and Energy, the Cabinet Office, Ministry of the Environment, etc., also includes joint development of electric power, railway, communications, automotive and other private enterprises, products orders and other transaction-related information and other meetings.However, Mitsubishi Electric instructions that confirmed higher confidentiality of the information defense, electricity, railways and other important information about the customer and there is no leakage.It reported that possible leaks of information projected to 200MB.20 starts sending a letter of apology to the object of personal information may be leaked.It is reported that the situation is the enterprise reporting.Mitsubishi Electric said it would strengthen information security measures and monitoring system to prevent recurrence.Mitsubishi Electric postponed scheduled for 21 May on the "Internet of Things" security countermeasures equipment automation technology media briefings.

    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation were cyber attacks or information leakage caused more than 8,000 people